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Inside Edition 4 Jan 2021

Neglected Bear Leaves Zoo for Sanctuary


In Bubaloo's 17 years, he has performed in Pakistan and been subjected to outrageous conditions. A high court ordered Islamabad's notorious zoo closed after saying workers there were grossly negligent to the 960 animals they housed. The Marghazar Zoo's horrific conditions made international headlines when Kaavan, known as the world's loneliest elephant, caught Cher's attention. "They deserve to have the best, so this element needs really special care and special attention," said Dr. Amir Khalil. Inside Edition Digital's Stephanie Officer explains.

In a livestream town hall for her constituents, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez slammed Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook, stating that they bear some responsibility for the Capitol insurrection.
On a phone call with GOP lawmakers, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy claimed President Trump took some responsibility for the Capitol Building siege, a source familiar told Fox News. #FoxNews
In an emotional farewell to his home state, President-elect Joe Biden promised that even as he departs for Washington, D.C., to be sworn in as the nation's next commander in chief, "I'll always be a proud son of the state of Delaware." (Jan. 19)
President Donald Trump walks out of the White House for the last time as the commander-in-chief. (Jan. 20)

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