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Newsmax TV 13 Jul 2020

NBC Doctor FAKED COVID diagnosis? Breakdown


'Questionable journalism?' Newsmax TV's Sean Spicer investigates claims made by Dr. Joseph Fair, a physician and special NBC correspondent who claimed to have COVID -19 despite repeatedly testing negative for the virus. How will the news organization respond to new revelations that the doctor's claims may have been less than truthful?

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Dr. Ashish tells NBC News that mostly everyone got an immune response from Oxford University's vaccine, but those hoping for a vaccine as early as this fall are being "unrealistic." He predicts the vaccine will be ready by early 2021. Aired on 07/20/2020.
Politicized by the president, health experts still say that one of the surest ways to prevent the spread of coronavirus is for people to wear masks. Dr. Murtaza Akhter joins to discuss. Aired on 06/22/2020.
We speak with New York Magazine Editor at Large Kara Swisher and NBC News Reporter Ben Collins about social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter removing content elevated by the president featuring doctors claiming covid-19 ‘cure.' Aired on 07/29/2020.
Doctor treating COVID patients says the amount of death her team has seen is "surreal," and new mental health practices have been implemented to help frontline workers cope. (July 22)

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