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CGTN America 3 Jan 2020

Navy deployed to rescue people from Australia fires


Tens of thousands of people in southeast Australia were urged to evacuate this week, as soaring temperatures and strong winds raised the risks posed by wildfires. Over 200 fires are burning across several states in the country. Ten deaths have been confirmed this week alone in the states of Victoria and New South Wales, with at least another 28 people missing. Australia's navy has started to evacuate people trapped by bushfires on the country's southeastern coast.

Four people were rescued from a blizzard on Scotland's highest mountain earlier this week - thanks to a free mobile phone app.
It is called What 3 Words - a new system to identify people's exact locations.
Al Jazeera's Jessica Baldwin reports from Pembury, England.
In the age of #coronavirus many people are taking it upon themselves to educate the public. See how videographer Brian Rose strapped speakers to his car and drove around Washington D.C. to tell people defying stay-at-home orders to #gohome. #covid19
People should be washing their hands for 20 seconds to protect themselves from the virus known as Covid-19. That's according to Public Health England.

The UK government is still working to contain the outbreak but the prime minister has warned that it's "highly likely" the UK will see further infection.

The BBC's online health editor, Michelle Roberts, and BBC digital health reporter, Laura Foster, examine the advice the NHS is giving when it comes to protecting yourself from the virus.
Scientists in Poznan, Poland are working on an innovation project called 'Insension' that's being developed to give people with profound intellectual and multiple disabilities (PIMD) a new way of communicating. …

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