MSNBC 8 Jan 2021

National Guard Held In Limbo As Trump Mob Ransacked U.S. Capitol


Rachel Maddow describes how Maryland Congressman Steny Hoyer, locked down as pro-Trump rioters marauded through the U.S. Capitol, called Maryland Governor Larry Hogan for National Guard support, and how that support was held up from being authorized for an hour and a half as the Trump administration remained unresponsive. Aired on 01/07/2021.

The Capitol building in Washington DC is in lockdown, as Trump supporters clash with police and reportedly invade the building.

Vice President Mike Pence has been evacuated to a 'secure location'.
Thousands of supporters of President Trump have stormed the US Capitol building, venting their anger at the victory of Joe Biden in the presidential election.

They forced the evacuation and lockdown of Congress, where lawmakers were preparing to approve the election result.

Shortly before the clashes President Trump had addressed his supporters near the White House telling them that he would never accept defeat.

President-elect Biden called on Mr Trump to tell his people to go home and eventually that was the message delivered from the White House.

Washington's Mayor ordered a curfew as members of the US National Guard were deployed to protect the city.

Huw Edwards presents BBC News at Ten reporting by North America editor Jon Sopel in Washington and from Aleem Maqbool and Lebo Diseko at the Capitol.
Scenes of violence and chaos at the U.S. Capitol shocked America and the world on Wednesday, when a mob of pro-Trump protesters, some of them armed, forced their way into the building, ransacking the offices of lawmakers who fled for their lives. Larry Cosme, national president of the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association, joins Anne-Marie Green on "CBSN AM" to break down the failure of crowd control and law enforcement that disrupted American democracy.
Soldiers from the National Guard arrived in Washington D.C., Friday, January 12, as at least 10,000 are expected to be on guard for the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden.

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