CNN 16 Oct 2020

Mystery of nodding woman at Trump town hall solved


CNN's Brianna Keilar talks to Alex Daugherty of the Miami Herald about Mayra Joli, the woman seen enthusiastically nodding behind President Donald Trump during his town hall appearance on NBC.

Mayra Joli who went viral at President Trump's NBC town hall for nodding in support joins 'Hannity'. #FoxNews #Hannity
Frank Luntz, a Republican polling expert, convened a virtual focus group of around 15 undecided voters from swing states to assess the competing Biden and Trump town-hall-style meetings on Oct. 15, simultaneously broadcast by ABC News and NBC News, respectively.

Participants were told: "You can watch one or both of them - it's entirely up to you. We want you to watch exactly what you would have if we were not conducting a focus group."

With less than three weeks before Election Day, there may not be many swing voters, but nonetheless they could remain a significant force in this election.

Luntz selected participants for this focus group only if they met all of the following criteria: They are currently registered to vote in one of 11 swing states; they self-described as "possible" Biden or Trump voters; they defined themselves as independents; and they considered themselves "undecided." Participants are compensated $100 each for their time.

Luntz has conducted televised focus groups for major news outlets since 1996. He is not working for any presidential candidate or political party in the 2020 election. Along with Luntz, The Times asked Nicholas Goldberg, associate editor and Op-Ed columnist, to ask questions of the focus group and to provide analysis.
Highlights from Donald Trump's town hall for the 2020 election.

The Republican nominee was grilled by Savannah Guthrie during the town hall. The president acknowledged he may owe $400m (£310m) as part of his business dealings but declined to denounce the QAnon group's false conspiracy theory that Democrats are part of a global paedophile ring.
CNN's Daniel Dale fact-checks some of the claims made by President Trump in response to questions from Pennsylvania voters during ABC's town hall.

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