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Voice of America 19 May 2020

Muslims Forgo Mosque-Coordinated Burials and Turn to Zoom Memorials


Losing a loved one is hard enough, but when you lose someone from COVID-19, you can't even be at their deathbed, nor attend their funeral due to social distancing measures

Doctors at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore spent their Easter Sundays training nurses in Sierra Leone on how to use ventilators.
Canned and packaged comfort foods are making a huge comeback as people stuck inside are turning to old-school, non-perishable items. Shoppers who usually go for fresh produce and healthy whole grains are opting for packaged and processed items, sometimes triggering nostalgia for less healthy items like SpaghettiOs, Goldfish crackers and mac and cheese. Registered dietitian Jacqueline Gomes says that because of the nostalgic feel, "some of these items may be here to stay after all this is over."
Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy shares his timeline for his employees and players to return to campus in preparation of the upcoming college football season amid to coronavirus pandemic. (3:03) UNC head coach Mack Brown opens up about the possibility of conducting games without fans.
#GetUp #CollegeFootball #NCAA
Small businesses in the United States have turned to the internet to fight back against being hit too hard by the coronavirus pandemic.
It comes during a standoff between US senators on whether to free up $250bn in economic relief.
As Al Jazeera's Rosiland Jordan explains, some businesses are turning to the internet rather than waiting on the government to stay afloat.

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