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NBC News 31 Jul 2020

Muslims Begin Scaled-Down Pilgrimage To Mecca Amid Pandemic


NBC News' Matt Bradley details how the Hajj, the ancient Islamic pilgrimage in Mecca, has been dramatically changed by the coronavirus pandemic.

Paul Robichaud says he's moving to his family's basement now that his two daughters are going back to school in Quebec because of his underlying health conditions. He's worried the COVID-19 guidelines aren't strong enough and that his daughters might contract the coronavirus and bring it home.

Coronavirus has kept schools in India closed for more than 7 months, affecting about 200 million children. Now, many of them are going to work to help ease their family's financial hardships. Arshad Zargar reports on how India is dealing with its child labor pandemic.
Even as COVID-19 rages on, Texas voters will head to the polls. Democrats and Republicans alike say they'll risk exposure to the coronavirus to make their votes count, showing more concern about fraud than the virus. (Oct. 13)
The red carpet has been rolled out in France for a scaled-down version of one of the world's most famous celebrations of film.
The Cannes Film Festival was postponed in May due to the coronavirus pandemic.
While movie enthusiasts are happy it is going ahead now, some are worried the event will never be the same again.

Al Jazeera's Emily Siu reports.

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