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CBC News 27 Aug 2020

Murdoch Mysteries back on set, with COVID-19 measures


Murdoch Mysteries season 14 is under production. They are filming with masks on, incorporating a pandemic theme into their season. Filming of the series was on hiatus due to COVID-19. 


President Trump announced in a tweet on Friday that he and first lady Melania Trump have tested positive for the coronavirus. The tweet sparked a flurry of messages from other world leaders, including British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who was diagnosed with COVID-19 himself back in March. CBS News foreign correspondent Charlie D'Agata joined CBSN with more on Johnson's battle with the virus and how the British government handled it.
Dr. Sean Conley gave an update on Saturday on President Trump's health after he was diagnosed with COVID-19.
U.S. President Donald Trump addressed the public in person on Saturday for the first time since he was diagnosed with COVID-19.

People who have been infected with #Covid-19 are usually asked to stay home and quarantined. But that rule does not seem to apply to everyone: some #hospitals in #France have made some of their staff come to work even if they had been infected, because they have no one to replace them. Those doctors and nurses are #asymptomatic but some say health institutions are putting patients at risk.

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