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Voice of America 10 Feb 2020

Mudslide Covers Houses After Heavy Rains in Brazil


Cell phone footage of houses being swept away by a mudslide in Sao Paulo, Brazil was captured by a nearby resident, Monday, February 10.

Firefighters rescued a girl trapped in one of the two destroyed homes later.

Torrential rains and flooding have ravaged Brazil's largest city over the weekend and local media reported more heavy rains are expected to fall in Sao Paulo. (AP)

Heavy monsoon rains lash the city of Jaipur in India's northern state of Rajasthan, Friday, August 14, submerging cars and causing severe water-logging.
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A heavy downpour in New Delhi caused water logging and slowed traffic, as residents struggled to reach their destinations, Thursday, August 13.

Motorists and other vehicle owners drove at slower speeds in order to avoid any mishap, while few buses were stuck on waterlogged roads as sewage overflowed as rains caused a floodlike situation in the Indian capital.

Meanwhile, a landslide hit northern Dharchula town, blocking a road and inconveniencing commuters.

Annual rainfall is essential in India as rains support two- third of the 1.25 billion population living in rural areas who rely on farming. But excessive rainfalls cause problems like floods, landslide and water borne diseases.

Nearly two dozen potential vaccines for the novel coronavirus are under various stages of human testing worldwide, and at least two are being conducted in Brazil - the country with the world's second-worst outbreak.
One is a Chinese-made drug that is being tested on 9,000 volunteers, the other is developed by Oxford University.
Testing is now under way and is expected to last for about three months.

Al Jazeera's Teresa Bo reports.
At least 400 Chicago police officers struggled to contain looting that erupted after allegedly false information about a police-involved shooting on Sunday.

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