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MSM hopes you don't believe your eyes


Christina Bobb explains the liberal media's plan to trick viewers into not believing their own eyes, and the likelihood of a Trump victory on Nov. 3.

With cold weather making outdoor socialization more difficult, many are turning to fire pits to stay warm. Michael Uttaro, the assistant chief fire marshal for Nassau County, New York, says that common sense is key. Don't put it on a wooden deck, which could catch fire, and watch out for hot embers blowing around. Keep children and pets at a safe distance. If you're in a tent, use an electrical heater instead of an open flame. At all times, be mindful of hanging items like drapes or decorations.
Journalist Zaid Jilani explains how most people have more complex views on the issues than their party affiliation suggests.
NBC News' Dasha Burns says health care workers in Appalachia are facing a disinformation crisis: "They were seeing patients who were coming into the hospital, coming in sick and did not believe that they had Covid even when the test came back positive." Aired on 11/30/2020.
Millions of Americans could soon fall behind on rent and mortgages after a national eviction moratorium and forbearance on payments expire at the end of the year. Michael Sema, founder and CEO of Get a Rate, joins CBSN to discuss steps you can take to manage the situation.

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