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CBS News 11 Mar 2020

Movie mogul Harvey Weinstein faces sentencing in New York City courtroom today


Former film producer Harvey Weinstein will be sentenced in New York City today after being convicted last month of rape and sexual assault. He could face up to 29 years. CBS News national correspondent Jericka Duncan joins CBSN from outside the courtroom ahead of this morning's much-anticipated decision.

The Navy hospital shift docked in New York City on Monday morning and will provide extra space and support to medical workers in the fight against the coronavirus outbreak.

U.S. military medical personnel are delivering aid to coronavirus patients at a field hospital at the Javits Center in New York City, Sunday, April 5.

As New York City deals with a mounting COVID-19 death toll and dwindling morgue space, the city has shortened the amount of time it will hold unclaimed remains before they are buried in the city's public cemetery.

Under the new policy, the medical examiner's office will keep bodies in storage for 14 days before they're buried in the city's potter's field on Hart Island.

Normally, about 25 bodies a week are interred on the island, mostly for people whose families can't afford a funeral, or who go unclaimed by relatives.

A funeral home is being investigated in New York after the discovery of dozens of bodies in unrefrigerated trucks after a passerby complained about the smell.
The owners say a freezer failed, so they had to bring in rental trucks to store the bodies.
Al Jazeera's Gabriel Elizondo reports.

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