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Motorola Razr review: 5G, updated specs make a big difference cnet review tech


The new Motorola Razr packs a bunch of welcome improvements like more RAM, new cameras, support for 5G and a better processor. We spent the past 10 days testing it. We're fans of the new Quick View display options, better durability and refined design. We'd like better battery life and better camera performance in medium and low-light situations. We could do without the high $1,400 price and the squeak. (It's a quieter squeak than the Razr we reviewed in February, but still.)

Damien Woody, Kimberly Martin and Freddie Coleman debate which rookie will make the biggest headlines in the second half of the 2020 NFL season between Cincinnati Bengals QB Joe Burrow and Miami Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa.
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In the final days before the 2020 election, all eyes are on key voting blocs that could decide the outcome. CBS News is looking back at races shaped by one group's determination to vote. Both presidential candidates are targeting Latino voters because when they mobilize, they can make all the difference. That's what happened in 1960 with the election of JFK — and it could very well happen again.
Many assume young people are apathetic and won't vote. But in 2018, young Americans proved otherwise when they mobilized to help elect a new generation of leaders. This year, the youth vote is more than 48 million strong — and it could once again make all the difference.
Mike Florio unveils his latest NFL power rankings ahead of Week 10 as the Ravens and Dolphins make the biggest jump in the top half of the rankings while the Buccaneers take a tumble.

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