NBC News
NBC News 22 Nov 2020

Most Republicans Remain Silent As Trump Tries To Overturn Election


Overwhelmingly, the nation's top Republicans have been silent or encouraged the president's unparalleled effort to steal an election he lost by more than 6 million votes, and by an Electoral College margin equal to his 2016 win.

NBC News' Monica Alba reports on President Trump's meeting with Michigan state lawmakers at the White House in his latest attempt to overturn election results.
The Fix's Eugene Scott analyzes how President Trump continues to spread conspiracy theories while working to disenfranchise thousands of Black voters.
President Trump repeatedly spoke over Joe Biden after questioning him about his son Hunter, causing debate moderator Chris Wallace to step in and try and ask the president to stop interrupting.
Sen. Lindsey Graham talked to reporters about signature verification on ballots as President Trump continues to contest the results of the 2020 election.

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