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Inside Edition 10 Jan 2021

More Unusual Cosmetic Procedures


In 2019, Marjorie was getting tired of people asking her if she was upset. She said it always looked like she was scowling or frowning. She visited plastic surgeon Dr. David Shafer for help. In 2017, former supermodel Shanna Moakler was hoping to turn back time. She met with plastic surgeon Dr. Ben Talei for something called "Profound RF Laser Treatment." And in 2016, former Baywatch star Donna D'Errico met with Dr. Sarmela Sunder for a treatment that used blood to smooth out imperfections.

Several plastic surgeons and beauty clinics across the United States are reporting a significant increase in demand for cosmetic procedures during the COVID-19 pandemic. Experts say that staying at home, having more free time and being on regular video calls, have all contributed to more people seeking cosmetic operations. Some clinics report a 90% increase in injectable procedures such as Botox and other fillers. CGTN's Ediz Tiyansan reports.
The Get Up crew discusses whether the Pittsburgh Steelers having an undefeated record this season is a more likely scenario than the New York Jets winning one game.
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Join the FOX NFL Sunday guys as they discuss whether or not we jumped on the Arizona Cardinals bandwagon a year too soon, how far the New York Giants' new culture can take them, what happened to the Denver Broncos with zero quarterbacks on the roster, and much more!
Mike Florio and Peter King reflect on the historic achievements by Browns coach Callie Brownson and Vanderbilt kicker Sarah Fuller and how soon we could see more women in prominent football roles.

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