Euronews 31 Mar 2020

'More dogs around than people': Life in lockdown from a bench in Milan


The abundance of green areas in my neighbourhood has made 'quarantine' more bearable, says Alessio Dell'Anna, a journalist based in Milan. …

Coronavirus has brought countries across the world to a standstill. Meaning hundreds of millions of people all around the globe are experiencing the similar ups and downs of isolation.

This is life in lockdown in Yemen, Greece, Italy, Jerusalem, Vietnam, Nepal and Jordan.
In the first of a series of special reports on life in lockdown from across the UK, Sky News travelled to Cornwall to see how the restrictions are affecting people there.

While there are warnings if tourists stay away this summer it could destroy many local businesses, some are finding ways to adapt in difficult times.

At 23-years-old, Sanjana Tewari has already been to 22 countries, but when Italy went into coronavirus lockdown, she re-branded herself on Instagram as a "quarantine influencer" during the pandemic.
Lydia Chen returned to her native Wuhan from New York City just as coronavirus swept through the city. She spent more than 70 days on lockdown.

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