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The Guardian 3 Oct 2019

Modern Masculinity series two: talk to us


Following on from the first six episodes of Modern Masculinity earlier in the year, Iman Amrani is working on a second series and wants to know what you want to see covered next.

In series one, Iman covered a range of subjects from the popularity of Jordan Peterson to the importance of intergenerational relationships between men. Having set the tone for the series as being open, non-judgemental and curious, the aim of the second series is to go a little deeper and address the issues and concerns that you think is important.

Governor Andrew Cuomo talks to his brother Chris Cuomo.
With cities on lockdown, schools closed and children at home, many families and caregivers around the world are facing the challenge of how to talk to their kids about the coronavirus pandemic.
Al Jazeera's Alexi O'Brien got some tips from a few experts.
Former vice president Joe Biden said President Donald Trump had been "awful slow" to use the powers of his office in the fight against the new coronavirus. The Democratic presidential candidate held an online town hall on Sunday. (April 6)
Cleaning and disinfection is at an all time high, as many grocery store aisles for household cleaning supplies look empty. With an uptick in the usage of cleaners, it's important to use them correctly, because they can pose a danger when mishandled. Bleach, one of the most powerful and common household cleaners, can produce dangerously toxic gases if it's mixed with other cleaners. While disinfectant spray is ideal for cleaning surfaces, don't get it on your hands, food or pets.

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