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Washington Post 15 Oct 2020

Moderators press Trump, Biden at dueling town halls


NBC News' Savannah Guthrie and ABC News' George Stephanopoulos pressed presidential candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden with multiple follow-up questions during dueling town hall events on Oct. 15.

Trump pushed conspiracy theories and falsehoods in a town hall with NBC News while a deliberate Biden spoke to voters' concerns even staying after the event was over to talk with those who didn't get to ask questions. Errin Haines and Eugene Robinson react. Aired on 10/15/2020.
The stark differences between President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden were on display during their competing town halls, and in no space was that clearer than the magnitude and frequency of their falsehoods.
The fact that the second debate was cancelled after Trump backed out of the proposed virtual format deprived Americans of a chance to see the two candidates sparring on the same stage. But where Biden scattered in a small number of exaggerations or misstatements over about an hour and a half, Trump unleashed a barrage of dishonest claims over about an hour.
Trump falsely claimed that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that 85% of people who wear masks get the coronavirus, again argued inaccurately that there is widespread fraud with mail-in voting, defended as mere "opinion" a baseless conspiracy theory he retweeted about Osama bin Laden and the US military, and repeated familiar false or misleading remarks about the state of the pandemic, Biden's tax plan, job creation, and his own positions on DACA and pre-existing conditions.
Biden falsely claimed that Trump did nothing on unemployment after the initial round of congressional aid expired, wrongly asserted that there are more troops in Afghanistan today than there were when he left the vice presidency, and seemed to incorrectly deny that his website called the Green New Deal a "crucial framework."

President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden participated in competing town halls on Thursday.

The events were scheduled after Trump refused to participate in a virtual debate following his coronavirus diagnosis. With just 17 days to go before the election, polls show the president continuing to trail his opponent nationally and in most of the key battleground states.

Joining the panel:

Rafael Bernal is a staff writer for the political newspaper, The Hill.
Steve Chaggaris is an analyst and the political editor for Al Jazeera Online.
Hilary Shelton heads the NAACP's Washington bureau and serves as the Senior Vice President for Advocacy and Policy.
Eric Bolling is the host of "America This Week" on Sinclair Broadcasting.
President Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden appeared at separate town halls on Oct. 15, the night that was supposed to be their second debate.

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