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Inside Edition 7 Jan 2021

Missing Llama Found Lounging at Vacant Mansion


You've seen missing dog and cat flyers, but how about a missing llama? That's what Diana Heimann did when her llama named Gizmo jumped over the fence at a farm in Westchester County, New York. In search of Gizmo, they even hired a drone with an infrared camera to scour the nearby forest and fields for the animal. After some false hope found in a flock of sheep, it seemed everyone was on the search. So where was Gizmo for all these days? Hanging out at an abandoned mansion!

Parents in northern Nigeria are desperately waiting for information about their sons after an attack on a boarding school on Friday; more than 300 boys are reported missing.
Nigeria's defence ministry says the whereabouts of the so-called bandits are known, and the military is trying to bring the boys back home safely. But there's anger that the abduction happened at all.
Some of the boys who escaped spoke about their ordeal.

Al Jazeera's Barbara Angopa reports.
Pat Quinn, one of the men credited with popularizing the Ice Bucket Challenge, has died. Patrick Quinn, who was from Yonkers, New York, was diagnosed with ALS one month after his 30th birthday, and immediately set to work with his "Quinn For The Win" supporters to raise money to find a cure. In the summer of 2014, the Ice Bucket Challenge raised $115 million dollars for the ALS Foundation, and $220 million for ALS research around the world.
Stacey Stites disappears before early morning work shift: Part 2

Stites' mom says everything seemed fine the night before Stites went missing. Police found a truck at a high school with a broken piece of a belt outside the driver's door.

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Stacey Stites' body is found, police uncover evidence in truck: Part 3

Stites' body was found hours after her family learned she was missing. Police found bodily fluids in her fiancé's truck, which she often used to go to work, and police said they "suspected foul play."

#ABCNews #ABC2020 #Documentary #RodneyReed #StaceyStites

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