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France 24 5 Oct 2020

Millions of students in Cameroon return to school


In tonight's edition: Dozens of suspected jihadist fighters are released as authorities hope that will secure the freedom of two prominent prisoners in Mali. The verdict in the trial of three men accused of supporting the Westgate mall attackers in Kenya has been postponed. We'll look back at the attack that killed sixty seven people. And millions of students in Cameroon return to school for the first time since March. We'll see the changes authorities have made to keep children and teenagers safe this school year. 

Millions of students in Cameroon return to school for the first time since March. The Democratic Republic of Congo is bracing for heavy downpours as the rainy season kicks off. And we take a look at a magazine focused on showing African capitals in a new light. OFF TO's founder tell us more about her bilingual review that gives a voice to locals about how they see and experience the cities they live in.  
Millions of students across twelve African countries have headed back to class as schools reopened after a six-month coronavirus lockdown.
In Nigeria, nearly 40 million of them will now have to try to catch-up on missed schoolwork.
But they will also return to a new set of rules as the government continues the struggle to stop the spread.

Al Jazeera's Ahmed Idris reports from the capital, Abuja.
Zimbabwe's back-to-school program is failing to take off with most teachers refusing to return to class because of low pay and concerns about COVID-19.  Teachers want a 500% salary increase to get out of poverty and say authorities must provide adequate personal protective equipment (PPE) during the pandemic.  Zimbabwe authorities say PPE is adequate and are threatening to replace teachers who refuse to return to schools.  Columbus Mavhunga reports from Harare. 

Camera:  Blessing Chigwenhembe
As a response to the New York Times report, President Donald Trump claimed he paid millions of dollars in taxes in 2016 and 2017.

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