Newsy 16 Oct 2020

Military Caregivers Navigate Limited Resources Amid Pandemic


The pandemic is emphasizing who our day-to-day heroes are, but there are 5.5 million hidden heroes in need of resources and recognition.

Mexico holds religious celebration amid pandemic
Sunday's general election in Bolivia comes amid the pandemic and months of political turmoil.

The vote is a rerun of the October 20-19 election, which led to the exile of long-time leader Evo Morales.

The presidential and parliamentary elections are seen as a test for the South American country.

CGTN's Dan Collyns explains the stakes.
NBC News speaks to college students who are struggling to deal with the mental health impact of the coronavirus pandemic.
With less than eight weeks until the Nov. 3 election, US President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden are taking diametrically opposite approaches to campaigning during the coronavirus pandemic. (Sept. 9)

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