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CBS News 20 Nov 2020

Mike Pence campaigns in Georgia for Senate runoff elections


Vice President Mike Pence is campaigning in Georgia ahead of the two Senate runoff elections there in January. CBS News campaign reporter LaCrai Mitchell joined CBSN with details on that and the outcome of the recount in Georgia.

Vice President Mike Pence campaigned in Georgia in advance of the January runoff elections, which will determine which party holds majority control of the Senate. Pence's appearance alongside Republican Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler came as Georgia's hand ballot recount ended and certified the results of the 2020 presidential contest, cementing Biden as the winner. Aired on 11/20/2020.
As he stumps around the country, Vice President Mike Pence makes the case for four more years of the Trump-Pence White House in New Cumberland, Pennsylvania.
Earlier today, Vice President Mike Pence campaigned in Council Bluffs, Iowa.
Sen. Kamala Harris slammed President Trump and VP Mike Pence while introducing Joe Biden at an event on Thursday.

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