MSNBC 8 Jan 2020

Mike Lee Slams Trump Administration Over Iran Briefing


Shortly after the President's remarks Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and others headed to Capitol Hill to provide members of both the House and Senate the justification for last week's strikes. Senator Mike Lee and Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky excoriated the administration. Aired on 01/08/20.

During Dr. Anthony Fauci's testimony before the Senate, Sen. Mitt Romney slammed the Coronavirus testing record of the Trump administration, and questioned the President's assertions that lack of a vaccine is President Barack Obama's fault.
The Trump administration has cut funding for U.S. nonprofit research into coronaviruses in bats. The renowned EcoHealth Alliance saw its $3.7 grant revoked over their ties to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has accused of engineering the novel coronavirus in one of its labs. Professor Robert Garry of the University of Tulane joins CBSN to talk funding cuts, conspiracy theories, and the importance of cataloging the hundreds of different coronaviruses found in Chinese bats.
Central to the Trump administration's response to the coronavirus outbreak and the collapse of a once-vibrant economy is the now almost daily briefings hosted by President Donald Trump himself. (April 9)
The US president's coronavirus response is under even greater scrutiny after accusations he sought quick fixes by recommending unproven drugs to patients and ignored early warnings about the crisis.

Government scientist Dr Rick Bright who filed a complaint against the Trump administration says he was demoted after he resisted political pressure to allow widespread use of hydroxychloroquine.

Trump says he is considering winding down the taskforce set up to respond to the pandemic as the US death toll passes 70,000.

Al Jazeera's Mike Hanna reports from Washington, DC, United States.

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