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Fox Sports 1 May 2020

Mike Anderson: St. John's gained experience in a “great, great Big East”


St. John's head coach Mike Anderson joins Andy Katz to reflect on this past season and it's unexpected ending, and to look ahead to what's next for St. John's basketball.

According to Downing Street, Mr Johnson is still being closely montitored in St Thomas' Hospital, but is now on a different ward. Mr Johnson received standard oxygen treatment through a mask but was not put on a ventilator. The government says he "continues to improve" and is recieving "brilliant care".
Moments ago, President Trump and some of his staff visited St. John's Church, amidst the ongoing protests in Washington, D.C.
As protests over the death of George Floyd continue in Washington, St. John's Church, located a block from the White House, has become a focal point.
Secretary Esper: "I do not support invoking the Insurrection Act."

Secretary Esper also addresses news reports regarding his knowledge of events on Monday evening while accompanying President Trump to St. John's Church.

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