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CGTN America 22 May 2020

Migrants in Lima, Peru work as body collectors amid COVID-19


Amid the coronavirus pandemic, in Peru's capital Lima Venezuelan migrants work as body collectors.
These Venezuelan migrants to Peru are on the frontline of the pandemic.
It is their dangerous job to recover the bodies of COVID-19 victims from their homes.
Working for a funeral home they may collect as many as 10 bodies a day.
This man killed himself when he found out he was infected with the Coronavirus.
Jhoan Faneite and his Venezuelan co-workers work six days-a-week.
They go when other funeral homes refuse to.

New York City's Mount Sinai Hospital is one of the first places in the United States to collect plasma from COVID-19 patients to use as a possible treatment for the disease, in partnership with the New York Blood Center.
They are some of the first people working with patients during the COVID-19 outbreak. CGTN's Dan Williams speaks with Patrice Rosenberg, an ICU nurse at Northwestern Medicine, about her experience during the pandemic and what people in the health care industry need to do to continue their difficult work.
NBC News' Steve Patterson visited the Suicide Prevention Center to get an inside look at the work metal health professionals are doing during the coronavirus pandemic.
With most flights grounded, low-paid airport workers across the United States have been hit hard by layoffs.
Before the pandemic, they were fighting for a pay increase.
Now, those who remain, are facing years of financial hardship.

Al Jazeera's Gabriel Elizondo reports from Philadelphia.

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