CNET 15 Oct 2020

Microsoft Surface Laptop Go review: The best-looking laptop $550 can buy


This new lower-cost laptop cuts a few corners to keep its sharp looks at a reasonable price. My usual caveat is -- I'm not a video/YT headline expert, so tweak as needed.

Jay Bilas joins Rachel Nichols on The Jump to break down the best prospects in the 2020 NBA Draft, including Anthony Edwards, LaMelo Ball and James Wiseman. The Minnesota Timberwolves, Golden State Warriors and Charlotte Hornets have the top three picks.
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Morning Joe economic analyst Steve Rattner joins the show with charts on Trump's record with the economy, showing how it is far from the best ever as the president claims. Aired on 9/30/2020.
Vince Carter, Richard Jefferson and Jorge Sedano join Rachel Nichols on The Jump to discuss if the Philadelphia 76ers are the best available fit for Doc Rivers over the New Orleans Pelicans, and if Rivers is the best fit for the Sixers over Mike D'Antoni.

A decade ago, China finished construction of the largest, most expensive, most powerful and most controversial dam in the world: the Three Gorges Dam. The figures are staggering: 185 metres high, more than 2 kilometres long and a total of 27 million cubic metres of concrete poured into a structure that ended up costing the record sum of 23 billion euros. But this oversized project has caused a series of environmental and human disasters. FRANCE 24's correspondent Antoine Védeilhé reports from China's Yangtze valley.

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