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Fox Sports 13 May 2020

Michael Jordan in Vegas hoops stories, told by Ric Bucher


Ric Bucher tells a story of a time he walked into a bar with MJ and starting talking hoops.

Jalen & Jacoby react to Episodes 5 and 6 of "The Last Dance," discussing Michael Jordan's influence on Kobe Byrant, whether MJ had a gambling problem, how close Jordan was to signing with Adidas instead of choosing Nike, and MJ's lack of activism during his career. They also talk about how 50 Cent wants to battle Snoop Dogg, Andy Dalton's move to the Dallas Cowboys, and where Cam Newton could end up.

Penny Hardaway joins Rachel Nichols on The Jump to talk about "The Last Dance," and how the documentary noted that Hardaway's Orlando Magic was the last team to beat Michael Jordan in the NBA playoffs. He also talks about a college team he was on beat the 1992 Dream Team, the lasting impact of Lil' Penny and how Eddie Murphy almost got the voice gig over Chris Rock, helping out 2020 NBA Draft prospect RJ Hampton, and the challenges of being a college coach (with the Memphis Tigers) during the pandemic.
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Fresh off his second NBA title, Michael Jordan led the Dream Team into Barcelona in the summer of 1992 and helped the greatest team of all time cruise to a gold medal
Charlotte Hornets' center, and more importantly, 2011 Indiana Mr. Basketball, Cody Zeller, joins Titus & Tate to share what it's like to play for Michael Jordan, the key differences between Indiana and North Carolina basketball, and what he, a 7'ft NBA player, orders at Cookout.

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