CNN 28 Feb 2019

Michael Cohen's testimony may be the tip of the iceberg


Michael Cohen returned to Congress after an explosive public testimony that gave investigators a gold mine of leads to explore about President Donald Trump. CNN's Jessica Schneider reports.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said Tuesday that the state has now confirmed 137 cases of a rare illness in children connected to COVID-19. Cuomo said he believes the state's discovery is just the "tip of the iceberg" for the illness known as Pediatric Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome (PMIS) or Multisystem Inflammatory Illness in Children (MIS-C). Watch his remarks.
WWE champion Drew McIntyre talks about being the star of Monday Night Raw and reminisces on his favorite memories from the historic show over the years. (2:48) McIntyre expresses his thoughts on becoming champion and being the face of the company, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. (4:36) McIntyre provides his opinion on UFC fighter Colby Covington having interest in the WWE, how he thinks he would fair in the ring and adds that he would be willing to fight Covington in real life. (9:41) McIntyre discusses interest in potentially fighting Tyson Fury, saying, he isn't focused on him at the moment and more looking forward to fighting other WWE superstars. (15:06) McIntyre talks about his history with playing video games as a kid and if he plays any now.
Ben Jealous, President-elect of People for the American Way and a former President and CEO of the NAACP, tells Andrea Mitchell that the Georgia voting meltdown in yesterday's primary "reminds us we're paying a price for the gutting of the Voting Rights Act, and it needs to be fully restored" and says that Governor Brian Kemp has a track record of "intentionally suppressing the vote" in the state. Aired on 06/10/2020.
George Floyd. Rayshard Brooks. Trayvon Martin. Tamir Rice. Eric Garner.

The deaths of each of these men at the hands of police have served as rallying cries for the Black Lives Matter movement in the United States.

But as BLM picks up steam, some are concerned that women are being left out of the conversation.

"If Black lives really do matter, all Black lives have to matter," activist Kimberlé Crenshaw said this month. "That means Black lives across gender have to be lifted up."

Crenshaw founded #SayHerName in 2014 to spotlight police violence against Black women, including the 2015 death of Sandra Bland in a Texas jail. The hashtag has gained new traction after the recent police killing of Breonna Taylor.

In this episode we ask, are women being left out of the Black Lives Matter movement?

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