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Michael Cohen Denies Some Crimes in Tom Arnold Call: "It's a Lie"


Michael Cohen, President Trump's former personal attorney, in a recorded phone call with comedian Tom Arnold, denied responsibility for some crimes he pleaded guilty to last August, including tax evasion. "It's a lie," he said. He also shared criticism of President Trump. Photo: Tom Arnold

President Trump is using his last days in office to pardon several of his closest allies. But his former personal attorney Michael Cohen, who pled guilty to financial charges and lying to Congress, was not on that list. Cohen joined CBSN to discuss what he thinks of the president's actions as well as his insights into potential legal issues Mr. Trump could face over his financial dealings.
Michael Cohen, Donald Trump's former personal attorney and author of ‘Disloyal,' joins Ali Velshi to discuss the Trump administration's final days and what Trump could do next. Says Cohen, "he's going to continue to blow the dog whistle, he's going to continue to speak in code, he's going to continue to rile up his 26-27% base of this country that he has that's willing to do crazy things, including storm the Capitol."
#EU chief Brexit negotiator Michel #Barnier on Monday signalled "some progress" in talks on a post-#Brexit trade deal, EU diplomats said, but differences remain on key sticking points. FRANCE 24's International Affairs Editor Philip Turle explains.
It has been investigating rights violations in Mali for more than two years.
Now the UN says it has evidence of war crimes and crimes against humanity.
Both security forces and armed groups have been implicated in a report.
The 338-page document details atrocities allegedly committed since the 2012 armed conflict.
The investigators have handed their report to the secretary general.
And their conclusion could be used as a legal basis for prosecution.
They have already recommended setting up a court.

Presenter: Mohammed Jamjoom.

Mohamed Salaha, journalist and publisher at Le Mali Mag dot com, a Malian news website. Mohamed writes extensively on security and conflict in the Sahel region.

Susanna Wing, a specialist on West Africa and associate professor at Haverford College. Susanna is also author of 'Constructing Democracy in Africa: Mali in Transition.'

Manu Lekunze, Lecturer at the University of Aberdeen and author of 'Inherent and contemporary challenges to African Security'.

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