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CBS News 13 Feb 2020

Michael Bloomberg on the defensive after old comments about race resurface


Former New York City mayor and current Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg is facing mounting criticism over years-old comments about "stop-and-frisk" police tactics and racially discriminatory housing policies known as "redlining." CBS News political correspondent Ed O'Keefe joins CBSN with more on the controversies and Bloomberg's campaign strategy.

Presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg made a second set of comments about crime in minority communities. One America's Richard Pollock reports from Washington.
For more on the Michelin guide and its impact on the industry, CGTN spoke with Michael Ottenbacher. Michael is the head of the Department of Hospitality Management at Kansas State University.
Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg responded to questions about controversial remarks he made in 2015 about stop and frisk are not indicative of the way he thinks or the way he led New York City during his tenure as mayor.
Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg got a campaign boost this week with an endorsement by TV icon Judge Judy. "She's not just a phenomenon in America, she's an international phenomenon and her viewers respect her," said Bloomberg in an exclusive interview with Inside Edition anchor Deborah Norville. Bloomberg is self-financing his campaign for presidency under a democratic ticket. "I'm spending all this money to get rid of Donald Trump," Bloomberg said.

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