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NBC News 3 Feb 2020

Michael Bloomberg: 'No Question' That Trump Is 'Worried About Me'


Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg speaks with NBC News about his primary run, which includes a campaign swing through California, and why he is focusing on President Donald Trump and not Democratic rivals like Senator Bernie Sanders.

Trump is saying everything is fine so he can get re-elected. But that is not the President's job. The President's job is to deal with the problem, and keep Americans safe. Aired on 02/25/20.
Campaign Manager Keven Sheekey previews how Mike Bloomberg will respond when he is attacked on the Democratic debate stage. Aired on 02/19/20.
President Trump tweeted that the U.S. will close the Northern border to non-essential traffic. This is a temporary measure issued to help contain the spread of coronavirus. 

FOX News operates the FOX News Channel (FNC),
Sen. Amy Klobuchar discusses uncertainty among Democratic voters and how she contrasts against Mayor Bloomberg and President Trump. Aired on 2/10/2020.

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