ESPN 26 Mar 2020

Mets' Pete Alonso sent video messages to health workers during the coronavirus pandemic


New York Mets star Pete Alonso joins Mike Greenberg to talk about Major League Baseball's 2020 season, and what MLB might do to complete the full year and a World Series. He also talks about his personal messages to NYC doctors, nurses and other health workers who are on the front lines fighting the coronavirus pandemic.
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As the coronavirus has upended all of our lives and routines, we've become reliant upon delivery people, who make it possible for the rest of us to stay healthy by staying home. CNBC spoke to gig delivery people for Amazon Flex, Instacart, DoorDash, UberEats and others to find out what it was like to put their lives at risk delivering food and groceries during the coronavirus pandemic.
From cleaning your home to buying groceries, this is how we can practice social distancing and stay safe during the coronavirus pandemic.
Rahma Ghazali's family of 14 is doing its best to celebrate the month of Ramadan during the coronavirus outbreak that has affected religious celebrations world-wide.
The campus of Montclair State University may be closed but there are hundreds of key personnel and some students remaining, all relying on their executive chef, Carlos Mohammed, for survival.

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