Euronews 11 Jan 2021

MEPs will see EU vaccine contract but calls for more transparency grow


MEPs will see details of the EU's deal with COVID-19 vaccine provider CureVac on Tuesday. But that hasn't stopped calls for Brussels to be more transparent on all its vaccine contracts.

EMA pushes forward meeting to review vaccine approval to 21 december. #CoronavirusVaccine
Last night, President Trump released a video calling out Congress for a relief bill he calls "a disgrace," and demanding stimulus checks to be increased from $600 to $2000.
Big Tech and the media are calling for more conservative censorship and Katie Couric says GOP lawmakers need to be 'reprogrammed'; 'The Five' reacts. #FoxNews #TheFive
The EU finally gave a date - 27th December - for when vaccines will be rolled out, pending approval from the European Medicine Agency, but why the wait when other countries are already rolling out jabs?

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