MSNBC 18 Oct 2020

Memo to Trump: 'You Have Always Been Absolutely Terrified Of Your Predecessor'


Rev. Al Sharpton helps the president face his fear of former President Obama News">Barack Obama. For many Americans, Obama has been the last example of solid leadership in the Oval Office.

Rev. Al Sharpton blasts Trump for his vain display of leadership - the president accepted his party's nomination on the White House lawn.
Rev. Al Sharpton schools the president on the importance of racial sensitivity. The president failed to answer to white supremacists' violence in last week's debate.
Rev. Al Sharpton outlines the criteria needed to win a Nobel Peace Prize and explains to the president why he would never qualify.
Rev. Al Sharpton serves the president with a reality check, comparing his mismanagement of the country and his campaign to his businesses.

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