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CGTN America 12 May 2020

Meet the woman shipping PPE from China to Syria


Raana Kalpakji, a Syrian expatriate living in Canada, saw the negative effect that personal protective equipment or PPE shortages were having in Canada. She says her husband, a doctor working at several area hospitals, was living a nightmare, but she could only imagine how bad the situation was in her native country of Syria.

CGTN's Anand Naidoo spoke to Dr. Tom Frieden on what lessons countries can learn from China's fight to stop the spread of COVID-19.
A Boeing jet belonging to the New England Patriots football team unloads a shipment of over one million face masks from China to help fight the spread of the coronavirus, Boston, Massachusetts, Thursday, April 2.

The masks will be used in Boston and New York will be used by front-line health care workers to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.

The effort came after Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker ordered 1.7 million masks from China but had no way to get them from Shenzen back to the Boston area.

A private jet was needed to expedite the shipment that would have otherwise taken weeks to arrive as hospitals in hard-hit regions of the country struggle to access desperately needed supplies amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Worldwide, the number of cases has topped 1 million, with at least 54,000 deaths.


As the U.S. scrambles to contain COVID-19, parts of China are getting back to work. Here's what the U.S. could learn from China's COVID-19 response.

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