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Associated Press 22 May 2020

McEnany defends Trump push for churches to reopen


White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany is defending the president's decision to push for churches to reopen. "It is safe to reopen your churches if you do so in accordance with the guidelines," said McEnany. (May 22)

Countless churches and pastors across the country have filed lawsuits amid stay-at-home orders, which are restricting congregations from gathering. One America's Stefan Kleinhenz has more on the new call to reopen churches next month.
President Trump has released a plan for states to reopen the economy in phases. CBS News' Ian Lee reports on the details, and then CBS News chief Washington correspondent Major Garrett joins CBSN to talk more about what would be involved.
President Trump continues pushing businesses to reopen in a meeting with restaurant executives at the White House on Monday, as companies across the country continue to await disbursement of funds from the CARES Act. CBS News White House correspondent Paula Reid joined CBSN to discuss what specific policies the Trump administration is considering to help Americans.
President Trump says he has the "absolute authority" to reopen states that have locked down amid the coronavirus. Some experts say that's not true.

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