Newsy 19 Feb 2020

Massachusetts State Rep. arrested


State Rep. David Nangle faces 28 counts of wire fraud, bank fraud, filing false tax returns and making false statements to a bank.


Hundreds of protesters gathered outside the Massachusetts Statehouse, Monday, May 4, demanding the governor lift the coronavirus lockdown.
CNN correspondent Omar Jimenez was live covering the protests surrounding the death of George Floyd. Viewers can hear Jimenez's voice as he tells cops that his crew is willing to move. A few seconds later, he and his photographer are handcuffed. "A black reporter from CNN was arrested while legally covering the protests in Minneapolis. A white reporter also on the ground was not," CNN said. Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz apologized and the crew was released.'s Leigh Scheps has more.
While covering this morning's protests in Minnesota, CNN reporter Omar Jimenez was arrested by police on live television. He had just covered police arresting another protestor. Jimenez and his crew were put in handcuffs and taken into custody without reason. He was later released and Minnesota Governor Tim Walz apologized to CNN.
The CDC held a briefing call Tuesday for doctors on what it's learning about the illness now found in at least 24 states and nine countries around the world.

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