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Voice of America 12 May 2020

Massachusetts Mom Who Battled the Coronavirus Reunites With Her Baby


Isabel Gonzalez reunites with her baby, Victoria, Tuesday, May 12, for the first time since she delivered her on March 30, the same day that she was admitted to Massachusetts General Hospital for COVID-19.

Rebecca Maxham, a nurse in Vermont, reunited with her 4-year-old son Olin after not seeing him for two weeks. Since she and her husband are both essential workers, they sent Olin to stay at his grandmother's. Olin was dressed in protective gear and ski goggles for the occasion.
A month ago, Donna Molina was critically ill with COVID-19. The New Jersey woman had to be placed in a coma, and she was on a ventilator. Doctors had to perform an emergency C-section to deliver her baby girl, Harley. Thankfully, Donna's condition improved. And this week, she was able to meet Harley in person for the first time. Donna said, "It was just incredible. I couldn't hold back any tears or any emotions. It was just waterworks as soon as I saw her."
Watch as President Trump meets with NASA officials to discuss what they have accomplished during the coronavirus outbreak.
A growing number of children are being diagnosed with a puzzling illness that could possibly be linked to the coronavirus. Dr. Luiza Petre, a cardiologist and professor of cardiology at Mount Sinai's School of Medicine, spoke with CBS about the rare disease.

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