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Al Jazeera 7 Feb 2020

Mass wedding in South Korea despite coronavirus fear


There has been a mass wedding in South Korea despite coronavirus fear. Many of the 6,000 couples wore face masks.
Festivals, concerts and graduation ceremonies have been cancelled because of the risk.
But the church says it went ahead with the weddings as it was the 100th anniversary of its leader's birth.
Followers from China were asked not to attend.
Mass weddings with tens of thousands of couples have been a signature feature of the church since the 1960s.

More than 500 new coronavirus cases were reported in South Korea, where authorities are considering keeping schools closed for a month. The virus has spread from China to 47 countries.
Cities in South Korea have opened drive-thru testing stations to checked for coronavirus without people having to leave their vehicle.
The second largest outbreak is in South Korea with cases topping 5,000 as checks at foreign airports will implement multiple screenings from countries with travel restrictions.
Tori Cooper, 20, is a 3rd year student in International Relations at a Vancouver university and spent four years planning to study in South Korea.

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