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Voice of America 22 Apr 2020

Mass Graves Dug in Brazil Amid Coronavirus Pandemic



Authorities in Manaus, Brazil, have begun digging mass graves to bury the increasing number of coronavirus victims, Tuesday, April 21.

CNN's Nick Paton Walsh takes us inside of an ICU in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where medical personnel are struggling to meet the needs of those infected with coronavirus.

Qatar's Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani visits the Research and Development Center at Barzan Holding Company, Wednesday, April 29, as the country begins to produce respirators to cover its health sector's requirements, amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Qatar's emir said Thursday he directed the government to carry out structural reforms to reduce the economy's vulnerability to oil prices volatility.

"Our economy should not be held hostage by fluctuations in oil prices and I directed to carry out structural reforms to liberate our economy," the emir was quoted as saying.

He added that the government was discussing with specialized committees the right time to reopen different sectors of the economy when the coronavirus outbreak is brought under control.

While life has become much more difficult for most people in the U.S. because of the coronavirus outbreak and lockdown measures, it's been a great few weeks for shelter animals. Adoptions are way up! Lesia Bakalets has the story, narrated by Anna Rice.
As the world draws its attention to the coronavirus pandemic, other crises have not gone away.
The plight of asylum seekers stuck on the Turkish-Greek border, the situation for undocumented migrants on Greek islands, the suffering of those without homes… continue.
And these communities are likely to be particularly affected by what has become an unprecedented crisis.
Euronews' international correspondent Anelise Borges reports.

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