MSNBC 30 Sep 2020

Mary Trump: Donald Trump's Debate Attack On Biden Children Was 'Horrifying'


Mary Trump says Donald Trump's attacks on Joe Biden's two sons during the first presidential debate showed the country he is "cruel" and "contentious." She adds Donald Trump's disregard for those serving in the military should disqualify him from the election, and that "if character mattered, he shouldn't have been allowed to speak another word on that stage." Aired on 09/30/2020.

At Thursday's second and final presidential debate, Donald Trump and Joe Biden set out their policies on topics including the pandemic, racism, and climate change. FRANCE 24 international affairs editor Armen Georgian says there was no ‘gothca' moment, the revised format allowed Trump to focus more closely on Biden's track record.
Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti react to recent polls showing Joe Biden's approval among Americans is on the rise.
With just two weeks to go until Election Day, President Trump is continuing his attacks on Dr. Anthony Fauci amid a surge in coronavirus cases. CBS News political contributor and Democratic strategist Joel Payne joined CBSN to discuss how this might impact voters, and the latest on the 2020 race.
Earlier today, Vice President Mike Pence spoke in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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