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CBS News 19 Feb 2020

Married cops out on "date night" stop a robbery


Two off-duty police officers, who are husband and wife, are credited with stopping a masked robber at a fast-food restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky - and it was caught on video. Naomi Ruchim has the story.

While his wife is on bed rest in the hospital, awaiting the birth of their son, Bob Conlin has been setting up "date nights" outside of her window. She can't have any visitors due to coronavirus - but she can look outside and see her husband, who often brings treats, signs and friends.
Jason Fitz and Mike Golic Jr. look back at Brett Favre's first game with the Minnesota Vikings vs. the Green Bay Packers on Monday Night Football in 2009.

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Jason Fitz and Mike Golic Jr. are joined by former Indianapolis Colts center Jeff Saturday as they look back at the 2005 matchup on Monday Night Football between the Colts and New England Patriots.

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White House trade adviser Peter Navarro on Monday rejected fellow economic adviser Kevin Hassett's dire outlook on the economy during the coronavirus pandemic, calling it "all gloom and doom."

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