CNN 30 Jul 2019

Marianne Williamson: Flint is just tip of the iceberg


Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson highlights the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, during night one of CNN's 2020 Democratic primary debate.

Marianne Williamson on the flint water crisis: "flint is just the tip of the iceberg."
Infamous pedophile Jeffrey Epstein's most vocal accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre prepares to deliver a tell-all interview. What does this mean for the case against members of the deceased financier's predatory circle? Legal and media analyst Lionel joins In Question to discuss. (4:10) China has officially suspended all US Navy visits to Hong Kong in response to President Trump's signing of the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act. Faran Fronczak reports on the latest. (14:20) The US has restored steel and aluminium tariffs on Brazil & Argentina after accusing both countries of weakening their currencies to manipulate trade with the US. RT America's Sayeh Tavangar has the story. (17:47)

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Author Marianne Williamson isn't your run-of-the-mill candidate.
Author and activist Seth Siegel discusses the threat of a water emergency that could be even worse than the Flint Water Crisis.

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