Forbes 10 Apr 2020

Manufacturing Face Shields At A Brooklyn 3D Printing Lab


Forbes' Lifestyle & E-commerce Reporter Tanya Klich speaks with Nate Kolbeck, Cofounder of 3D Brooklyn, about how his 3D printing lab primarily used by the arts community has pivoted to make face shields for medical workers fighting Covid-19.

The father of an Air Force staff sergeant and a grandfather of six spent weeks making face shields for the military and first responders at a Ford subsidiary in Michigan. (May 28)
Washington State military members are using 3D printers and computers to design and produce face shields to help protect health care workers treating coronavirus patients. (April 8)
Neighbors are using 3D printers to make face shields and other PPE for local healthcare facilities and first responders during the coronavirus pandemic. The files are approved by the NIH have been downloaded and produced around the world. (April 13)

Boeing employees in Alabama are producing 3D-printed face shields for medical professionals, delivering its first round of 2,300 face shields Monday, April 13.

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