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CGTN America 30 Jun 2020

Man beats up his colleague after she asked him to wear a mask


An hotel employee under India's Andhra Pradesh Tourism Department beat up his female colleague after she asked him to wear a mask while at work.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on said that he asked President Donald Trump to remove State Department Inspector General Steve Linick be fired because the independent watchdog was "undermining" the department and wasn't performing in a way that the top US diplomat wanted him to.
Speaking at the White House, Trump repeatedly said he fired Linick -- whom the President claimed not to know -- at Pompeo's request.
"I said, 'Who appointed him?' And they say, 'President Obama.' I said, 'Look, I will terminate him.' I don't know what's going on other than that. You would have to ask Mike Pompeo. They did ask me to do it, and I did it," Trump said.

After reportedly being asked to wear a mask at a Florida Costco, this man yells at an elderly employee and the customer who says he came to the aid of the store worker.
In remarks to the press after a working lunch with Republican senators, President Trump laced into her, calling her a "sick woman."
Senior Writer for Rolling Stone, Jamil Smith discusses the Biden campaign and how the former VP needs to "pick up his game" in the current climate. Aired on 6/19/2020.

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