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Associated Press 3 Sep 2020

Mammoth skeletons found at Mexico airport site


Mammoth skeletons found at Mexico airport site

Cat. 4 Hurricane Delta roars at Mexico's Yucatan
The UK government is "behind the curve" in terms of its border control measures to reduce the spread of coronavirus, Professor Devi Sridhar has said.

The global public health chair at Edinburgh University said the government should implement testing for travellers at airports and a few days after they've returned, which would reduce the period they need to self-isolate.

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The Foreign Secretary has said airport testing would not be a "silver bullet" and quarantine measures cannot be eased "until we've got a safe system to allow it".

When asked why the government hasn't implemented the measure, Dominic Raab said: "The reason we can't introduce testing reliably at airports is because the success rate is lower than one in ten".

He also called this week the "moment of reckoning" in Brexit negotiations, despite reports that Downing Street thinks the chances of getting a deal are only 30 to 40%.
Police in Richmond, Virginia were baffled by the strange nocturnal visits of a person wearing a television on their head. The mysterious figure would leave old TVs at people's front doors. A woman in southern California found something more troubling at her front door when she was taking out the trash one morning -- a tombstone. And a Florida man was surprised to find a 10-foot-long alligator at his front door, asking to be let in.

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