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Inside Edition 1 Jun 2020

Luxury Stores Looted in Beverly Hills and Santa Monica


The famously wealthy enclave of Beverly Hills was the site of looting as windows were smashed at stores like Alexander McQueen, where thousands of dollars of goods were taken. In the upscale beach town of Santa Monica, the 3rd Street Promenade was a shell of itself after looters hit REI for bicycles and backpacks. At Patagonia, one person ran off with a surfboard. One man explained to reporters that the chaos is a way of making their voices heard.

See the full group judging and find out who wins Best in Show at the 2020 Beverly Hills Dog Show! The Beverly Hills Dog Show was originally contested on February 28.
Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs holds hearing on Inspector General nominee and Biden-Burisma subpoena.
Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Jalen Rose debate the idea of the NBA returning and playing in two different cities, with the Western Conference in Las Vegas and the Eastern Conference in Orlando.
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Karl Ravech joins SportsCenter to detail the new proposal from Major League Baseball to the MLBPA, which includes a 76-game 2020 season at a dollar figure that would amount to about 75 percent of their prorated salaries. Jeff Passan then (2:50) goes into further detail and reveals the players' reaction to the offer.
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