Euronews 18 Sep 2020

Lukashenko says Belarus will close borders with Poland and Lithuania


"We are forced to ... close the state border on the West, primarily with Lithuania and Poland," Lukashenko said.

These people are all lucky to be alive after they had close calls with buses. A school bus driver had to evacuate 50 students from her bus after the vehicle burst into flames on her morning route. Another school bus driver saved a little boy who was choking on a penny by performing the Heimlich maneuver. A couple of teens in Poland learned a hard lesson after one jokingly pushed the other right into the path of an oncoming bus. No one was injured.
A heart-pounding drone video shows a pro surfer's close encounter with an 8-foot shark. Matt Wilkinson was paddling off the coast of eastern Australia when the shark suddenly swam up behind him. Wilkinson said he heard a splash but couldn't see anything, and could not believe his eyes when he saw the footage.
On SportsCenter, Tim Hasselbeck and Rob Ninkovich discuss how the Dallas Cowboys' offense will adjust to playing under Andy Dalton after Dak Prescott suffered an ankle injury against the New York Giants.

#Dak #Cowboys #NFL
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