Euronews 14 Jan 2021

Long-COVID sufferer speaks of constant symptoms and struggles since contracting virus 10 months ago


Claire Hastie has had daily symptoms for nearly one year now. Doctors have told her that they have no explanation as to why she is still barely able to walk

Some people experience lasting effects of covid-19, or what doctors are calling "long covid," months after their battle with the virus. While much remains unknown about cures and remedies, there are some practical steps you can take.
So far, nearly 70 million people have contracted the coronavirus around the world. More than 1.5 million people have died from Covid-19, and millions of others have been hospitalized. But there are also many cases where patients develop mild symptoms that only last for a few weeks or show no symptoms at all.
And then, there's long Covid. That's when patients still experience symptoms months after a Covid infection. There's still a lot that researchers don't understand about the novel coronavirus - and the same goes for long Covid.
We do know that thousands of people say they've been struggling with longer-term symptoms. Some estimates say about 10 percent of COVID-19 patients deal with lasting complications. They may include breathlessness, joint pain and fatigue.
Patients are left in pain or unable to breathe properly. Simple day-to-day tasks become massive challenges. And yet, long Covid is not yet recognized as a disease in many places.
So what exactly is long Covid - and how is it different from COVID-19?
All secondary school pupils in the worst affected areas of London, Essex and Kent will be offered a COVID-19 test, Health Secretary Matt Hancock says.

He said the government was concerned about the number of cases in those areas among secondary school-age children.

More details will be released tomorrow.
Over a year after the first coronavirus cases, some early patients are still suffering. "Long Covid" refers to symptoms that can last for months or that return after recovery. A new study from Wuhan China has found three quarters of hospitalised patients still experience at least one symptom half a year later. What we're yet to discover is just how long "long Covid" can last. Survivors know all-too well how damaging the sickness can be - even after they get better. The road to recovery can be long and difficult.

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