Euronews 8 Jan 2021

London's COVID situation is 'critical and threatens to overwhelm NHS'


BREAKING: London's mayor declares a "major incident", saying COVID-19 situation is critical and threatens to overwhelm hospitals

People have been able to hug relatives in care homes for the first time since March - provided they test negative for COVID-19.

The government has promised to deliver rapid testing kits to all care homes in England by 18 December to make the process easier.

But when they were trialled in Liverpool, one in five tests showed a negative result when the person was positive.
NBC News' Dr. John Torres takes a look at the steps it takes to develop and approve a Covid-19 vaccine for the U.S. public.
After throwing Covid aid into chaos, Trump vetoed the Defense Bill, pardoned a slew of cronies including Paul Manafort, Jared Kushner's father, and Roger Stone and then left town. Aired on 12/24/2020.
Congress is scrambling to pass a new coronavirus relief package and government funding bill by midnight before the government shuts down. While negotiations are taking longer than lawmakers anticipated, they're hopeful they'll be able to strike a deal. Molly Hooper, a CBS News political contributor and host of the "Article One" podcast, spoke with Anne-Marie Green and Vladimir Duthiers on CBSN about what to expect from today's talks.

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