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Fox Sports 10 Feb 2020

'Lobo' the Siberian Husky goes off script in the 24 inch class of agility competition


Watch the 24 inch agility contest from the Westminster Kennel Club. 'Lobo' the Siberian Husky goes off script in the agility competition.

Daily Wager is LIVE breaking down all of the offseason moves in the AFC, digging in to each division, and breaking down how the odds have shifted.

Katy Tur brings viewer inside the caucus at the Drake Fieldhouse in Des Moines, IA and speaks to caucusgoers as they attempt to convince others to come to their side.
Zion Williamson sits down with Rachel Nichols to talk all things about his rookie season including; what's surprised him the most about playing in the NBA, how his skills have translated to the pros, competing against his idols, how he's adjusting to the limelight at 19 years old, working his way back from injury, his Rookie of the Year campaign considering the Memphis Grizzlies' Ja Morant's electric season and the New Orleans Pelicans' chances of making the playoffs.
Ana Fernanda and Ana Luisa Bernal are 16-year-old twins and juniors in high school. Since kindergarten, they've crossed an international border every single day to go to school.

The girls live in Mexicali, Mexico, with their mother but, being born in the US, they're able to cross to get an education in English in Calexico, California.

Like many other transborder (or "transfronterizo" in Spanish) children studying in a different country, the twins embark on their daily journey very early in the morning.

This film is part of the BBC's Crossing Divides season.

Video journalist: Eléonore Hamelin

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